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About Sam Stone

SamStone company registered in Qaem-shahr ,a city on province mazandaran (North of IRAN) in 2007aiming to develop chemical-polymer usage and offer modern products with the contributions of Dr. Yaghob  Rohani and the management of eng. Meysam Ebrahimi . This company uses the experiences of former companies in production of artificial stone and forms special chemical-polymer materials to match the climatic circumstances and via these innovations produces an exclusive artificial stone called ''Nano Cement-Plast'' . This product process reduces the time of  the reactions of creating stones from thousands of years to a few days. Using this technology to produce mosaics and pavements is the end of manual production. Of course this technology is not limited to mosaics and pavements , but a wide range of internal and external facades like step stones , chimney stones , rough facades , various pavements and flooring  etc are in that are about 300 different patterns

 At fist The style of production was manual that there was lots of difficulties like low production capacity. The R&D and machinist engineers of Samsang company began to manufacture automatic Cement-plast artificial stone production line to increase the production capacity and stop traditional method that loading and discharging materials was manual and get  rid of human errors to have uniform quality in outgoing products and less finished price for cement-plast consumers

SamStone industrial group  manufactured automatic cement-plast artificial stone production line machineries and succeeded to manufacture developed detecting sensors in 2009 that sense complicated chemical reactions

This collection began to offer cement-plast artificial stone production line technology and machineries to create jobs and to bring domestic and foreign fundraising

We offer chemical materials (cement-plast special resin) and cement-plast molds

SamSang industrial group offers these services:

 1-various building stones, decorative stones , face stones, various types of flooring,pavement and mosaic with the most inexpensive price and  premium quality with diversity in coloring and design

2- supplying the technology and assembly line (manual, semi- automatic , automatic)of cement plast artificial stones by the goal of developing the  use of artificial stones

 3-supplying special moulds for cement plast artificial stones (mosaic, flooring and decorative moulds for internal and external decoration of the   building)

 4- offering free consultation to run manual and automatic assembly line