What 's Cement Plast?


Cement plast or polymerized cement is a type of artificial stone that can be manufactured by shifting the molecular structure of cement and performing polymerization reactions and formation of strong chain net in cement . this reaction causes cement to be crystal shaped and formation of crystal net in it and at last the final product achieves a resistance up to 3 times more than concrete and in such a situation it’s equal to most of the natural stones in solidity. Beneath is a table that compares the physical and mechanical characteristics of cement plast to natural stones .

Natural stone (minimum) Cement plast Title
200-400 kg/cm2 600-1000 kg/cm2 compressive strength
30 kg/cm2 60-150 kg/cm2 Tensile strength
0.4 g/cm2 Less than 2.2 g/cm2 Abrasion resistance
50 cycles 500 cycles Temperature resistance
15% - 1% Less than 3% Water permeation
2700 kg/m3 2200 kg/m3 Density

It’s easy to break the unsolved pigments in polymerization phase and simulate the natural designs like marble or granite using special technics.
The pigmentation of cement plast stones is in depth and without any printing. The margins and designs of stone is completely accidental.