Different Cement Plast Artificial Stone Production Line:

Semi-automatic production line Type A:

In this production line, 350 square meters of cement plast artificial stone product is produced in one working shift. All the loadings to mixers and material discharge into the molds are executed by machines, the mixers of this system is equipped with accurate load sensors, which report the instant weight of the material inside the mixer. The control of this system is carried out by a 7-inch monitor equipped with a PLC system.

The minimum space required for the semi-automatic production line, including the stock of raw materials and the final product, is 400 square meters


Automatic production line Type B:

This production line is capable of producing 400-500 square meters of cement plast artificial stone along with the ability to simulate marble and granite in each working shift. Loading minerals, cement and paints, resin and water into the mixer is done by a machine with a specific weight, which is pre-formulated by the equipped PLC system.

The calculation of raw material consumption is the responsibility of the operator, in this production line, and then the amount of raw material is entered manually and the production is started automatically.

Discharge of material into the mold is carried out by the device and supervised by the operator.

Seven sessions of technical knowledge and technology of building industry trainings (technology and formula of concrete adhesive, tile adhesive and construction adhesive, concrete additive and building chemistry additive, training and production of Corian Synthetic Stone production) are presented in this production line.

The minimum space required for an automatic production line, taking into account the stock of raw materials and the final product, is 500 square meters, and the power consumed is at least 50 amps of three phases.


Full automatic production line Type C:

Full automatic production line of the cement plast artificial stone has a production capacity of 500 square meters cement plast artificial stone, production of 2 tons adhesives and chemical industry of buildings, and production capability of 100 square meters GRC stone and also different types of engineering stones, cabinet surface stone, and sink.

Some of the special features of this system include the central control panel and the dose determination system of raw and polymer material consumption, reaction detection sensor and analysis of cement plast artificial stone, additive and required raw material load system, tensile and compression weighbridges, etc.

Full automatic production line will have the capability of producing different types of cement plast artificial stones, artificial stone of building facade for decoration inside and outside the building, all kinds of nano-cement plast stair and under stair stones, cornice stone, different types of floorings and antique mosaics of cement plast artificial stones, the ability to produce various types of paste and powder tile adhesives, concrete adhesive and concrete supplement, etc. construction adhesives, resin, concrete additiveand building chemicals, production of resin artificial stone, cabinet stone, monolith sink, etc


Some features of this set:

√ fully automatic loading of raw material, and detection of quality

√ Ability to select two formulas to mix materials by a central controller

√ Ability to select 99 color formulas and record the mixing ratios

√ Regular reporting on production process and the ability to connect with the computer

√ automatic scanning (25 scans per second) of the mixture, to detect the chemical reactions and determine the amount of raw materials

√ identifying the time of preparing the mixture, and giving an automatic command to exit valves

√ mixture is injected into the mold simultaneously by three pneumatic valves

√ automatic washing with the initial purification of output;

and so on.


Training course of Cement Plast artificial stone

To expand the application of artificial stone, Sam Stone Co. has organized training courses and set up small production units in the form of workshops and quick-return projects; and all interested people and investors in construction industry are invited.


Among the educational services of these courses of technology transfer, the following can be cited,

√ transfer of technical knowledge to build more than 50 different designs of the facade and construction stones 

√ Complete transfer of formulation of natural compounds of the colors found in the stones of granite and marble 

√ four sessions of practical work in the company’s laboratory, and full familiarity with all the techniques 

√ transfer of the formula to produce specialty resins for the industry with simple industrial tools 

√ consulting, design, supply and commissioning of all machinery of the industry


This product, which was first introduced to Iran market by Sam StoneCo., quickly opened its place in the construction industry in Iran because of its wide variety of products and colors; and Sam Stone Co. has designed and manufactured fully automatic production line of Cement Plast with different capacities, as the demand has increased. 

Due to lack of control of the production process, not determineing the exact amount of raw materials and not detecting the chemical reactions by electronic sensors, this technology has been provided manually and experimentally, which had many problems, including low productivity and changes in the quality of daily products). But now, all the previous problems of this technology has been improved by the use of the new production line. 

It is worth mentioning that the machinery above with the advanced technology and a new generation of sensors made in UK is designed and manufactured by Iranian engineers, for which there is no similar foreign product.

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