Solid Surface artificial stone production line


What is the solid surface artificial Stone Solid Surface?

-         The Solid Surface synthesis stone is a resin plate having multiple characteristics that the most important one is a wide range of colors and marble and granite simulation, which couldbe very effective in implementing these plates in different locations and projects. The functional features of the Solid Surface plates are also very much considered in addition to the appearance of Solid Surface synthesis stones. High durability of Solid Surface plate, anti-stickiness, waterproof and easy to wash, and immediate repairs are all considered as the features of Solid Surface as a large part of the kitchen and cabinet decoration.

-         Solid surface has a neutral, perforated, and seamless surface, thus the microscopic particles and bacteria do not grow on the surface of the Solid Surface.

-         These features have made the Solid Surface stone to be one of the limited products having the approval to be used in the food, health and hospital sectors.

The benefits of Solid Surface:

  •  Integrity and seamlessness in all connectors with different colors
  •  Impact and high temperature resistance
  •  Anti-stains –waterproof –stainless – anti-corrosive, and anti-bacterial
  •  Restoration ability and permanent repair
  •  Resistant to laboratory acids
  • Ability to be designed and integrated
  • Integration with the sink and cabinet hinges
  • Ability to be cut, drilled, etc.

The Solid Surface plate is used in multiple places such as kitchen, wash-stand, administrative and commercial locations, hospitals and laboratories.


Applications of Solid Surface stone:

  •  Kitchen
  •  W.C (Bathroom, Watercloset)
  •  Administrative and commercial centers
  •  Hospitals and laboratories

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