Detergents and Nano-Carwash Production lines

Various production lines of industrial detergents and nano-carwash:

The formulation and production equipment should be first prepared in order to produce the carwash detergents. Then produce, for example, a 500-liter tank of carwash shampoo every 2 hours by preparing the raw material and conducting the formulation in the mixer according to the type of formula in a specific time interval.

This production line has a 500-liter mixer gearbox engine with the capability of adjusting its rotation, which has the ability of producing 1500 kg of nano-carwash detergent products per day with a low power consumption in single phase mode.

The carwash liquid formulation of this company has materials and ingredients, in addition to the general structure of all standard shampoos that can protect the body color against sunlight and harmful dusts in addition to perfect cleanliness and brighteningof car.



Other features of carwash liquid formulation (car shampoo):

  • High foaming ability
  • High washing capability without the hand involvement
  • Polisher and car color protector
  • Equipped with colored nano-foam additivewith high polishing capability

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