Molding services

Production of various molds for the production of artificial stone of Nano Cement Plast

Producing and supplying various types of Artificial Stonemolds with the lowest price and high quality


Among the molds produced by the company, the following can be cited :

  • Molds of a variety of antique and simple mosaics in Different dimension
  • Molds of a variety of facade & paving stones
  • Molds of wide facade stones
  • Molds of stepping stones and stairs stones
  • Molds of FRC and GRC Stone
  • Design of urban furniture molds and special molds used by municipalities, and so on
  •  Molding of three-dimensional objects, pots, inscriptions, etc
  • Molding of the samples requested and natural/artificial stones


To order polymer molds, please contact sales unit of the company