Types of mosaic and paving slabs suitable for pavement, yard and flooring of streets and villas
* Artificial Stone Flooring:

Artificial stones have different types and uses that the artificial stone floor is one of those things.

Artificial stones are used for flooring, stone cabinets, wall tiles and floor coverings.

Artificial stone floor can be divided into two groups: scrubbing, anti-scratch or very low scrubbing.

Artificial stones are desiccant for homes and centers with low traffic and are very much appreciated for its affordable and beautiful appearance.

However, artificial stone floor scrubbing or low scrubbing can be used in passages and traffic jams.

* Why artificial stone floor and why not a ceramic?

At the centers of fine art, ceramics are very beautiful at the beginning, but they lose their form and layout over time. We compare the ceramic artifacts below

1. Artificial gems can be restored but not ceramic.

. 2. Artificial stone designs are random and similar to nature, but the ceramic design is fixed and uniform. 3. Ceramics lose their surface and lose their beauty, but the rocks are due to their properties Submissiveness can be restored to its original state

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