Machine Manufacturing

Production line of "Nano Cement Plast" Artificial Stone (type A,B,C)


Sam Stone Co. provides technology and traditional fully automatic production line of Nano Cement Plast Artificial Stone as its main services.

Training course of Cement Plast artificial stone

To expand the application of artificial stone, Sam Stone Co. has organized training courses and set up small production units in the form of workshops and quick-return projects; and all interested people and investors in construction industry are invited.


Solid Surface Artificial Stone Production Line


Producing various products of synthetic stone for indoor applications of buildings such as: table, counter,cabinet surface, monolith sink, stair, open plate with required dimensions and without order and dimension limits with a variety of 150 different colors

Paint and Specialized Building Coatings Production Line


Presenting the technical knowledge and equipment of producing different types of plastic, acrylic, facade, alkyd, stainless, kenitex, pool and silicon paints is provided in this package

Industrial Detergent and Nano-Carwash Production Line


Machinery package and the production formulation of various specialized hospitals and restaurants, public places and carwash with controlled foam and excellent stain removal detergents in a variety of different scents and a beautiful colored foam contains nano-additive to polish and gloss levels.

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