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Installation guide for cement-plast flooring and mosaics
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Installation guide for cement-plast flooring and mosaics

Various types of cement plast flooring and mosaics should be installed in the following method regarding the novelty of sam-sang products and because of high adherence and patterned surface of the product.

1. to form the strong underside layer, spread a layer of semiarid mortar on the desired surface and with necessary thickness to form the foundation and slope with enough density.

2. sprinkle the powdered stone and cement grout by the proportion of 1:2 and the thickness of 2 to 5 mm for forming a layer of grout on the surface of semiarid concrete.

Installation guide for cement-plast flooring and mosaics

Note: to have more adhesion and strength , adding special glues in the grout is recommended.

3. arrange the flooring or mosaics next to each other about one m2. If the cement plast productsis used in open areas or in vast level , there should be expansion gaps in every 5 meters and as 1 cm and it should be loaded by silicon glues (aquarium glues) or if there’s uniform gaps in every 1 to 2 mm among the mosaics.

guide for cement-plast flooring
Note: Do not soak the flooring cement plast products before use.

4. using a plastic hammer, strike the surface of the mosaic or flooring for the grout to cover all the pores beneath the product and the surplus to be emerged from the gaps among the mosaics.

5.the emerged grout should be cleaned by dry fabric or sponge(dry and stiff brush).

After installation the mosaics avoid walking on them up to 48 hours.

Note that grouting the surface of the product causes dirt on them and it’s hard to clean them after drying.

cement-plast flooring and mosaics
Note: if there’s not enough grout beneath the product, after finishing the installation cover the gaps among the mosaics and flooring by the mix of aggregates and cement for the aggregates to permeate in the empty gaps and be stiff the first wetness.


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