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Installation guide for cement plast artificial stones ; face stones , antique, decorative etc.
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You can install the face , antique and decorative stones in three methods:

First method) grouting on the back of the product:

The first method to install cement plast artificial stones is to pour grout and concrete on the back of the product ;like natural stones. You can install the cement plast stones directly on the surface of the clean brick wall ( colorless , with no sealing and without any foundation) , concrete blocks or any building surface. make the installation mortar with 1 to 1 proportion from sand and cement. It’s better to use powdered tile and stone glues in this mortar. Pour a little mortar paste on the back of the product and put it on the place and calmly tap the stone to be stable.

Installation guide for cement plast artificial stones

After installation of the stones, the room among the stones should be covered by jointing sacks. jointing the face stones is the time-consuming part of the installation process.after about 30 to 60 minutes and when the jointing mortar is dried , the mortar stains can be cleaned by a dry and firm brush. Do not use stringed brush to clean the surface of the stone because it damages the surface. And do not use acid or acidic products to clean the surface of the stone.

face stones , antique, decorative

Second method) installation of the antique face stones by tile glue:

To install in this method first you should flatten the surface of the brick or block of the wall with cement. Then rub the glue on the wall and back of the product by ribbed palette knife that is used to install tiles and carefully install the product. Usually it’s possible to move and change the stone up to half an hour according to the used glue. It’s better to use powdered glue that mixes with water and becomes paste-like to have the best stability.

artificial stones

Third method) installation of the decorative and antique cement plast stone by screw roll plaque:

It’s possible to create some brackets on the antique face products in the process of production for consumers to install easily and quickly by screw roll plaque.
face stones , antique


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