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Machine Manufacturing

Production line of Cement Plast (manual, automatic and semi-automatic):

Sam Sang provides technology and traditional/fully automatic production line of Cement Plast as its main services.

Training course of Cement Plast artificial stone

To expand the application of artificial stone, Sam Sang Co. has organized training courses and set up small production units in the form of workshops and quick-return projects; and all interested people and investors in construction industry are invited.


Among the educational services of these courses of technology transfer, the following can be cited,

√ transfer of technical knowledge to build more than 50 different designs of the facade and construction stones 

√ Complete transfer of formulation of natural compounds of the colors found in the stones of granite and marble 

√ four sessions of practical work in the company’s laboratory, and full familiarity with all the techniques 

√ transfer of the formula to produce specialty resins for the industry with simple industrial tools 

√ consulting, design, supply and commissioning of all machinery of the industry


This product, which was first introduced to Iran market by Sam Sang Co., quickly opened its place in the construction industry in Iran because of its wide variety of products and colors; and Sam Sang Co. has designed and manufactured fully automatic production line of Cement Plast with different capacities, as the demand has increased. 

Due to lack of control of the production process, not determineing the exact amount of raw materials and not detecting the chemical reactions by electronic sensors, this technology has been provided manually and experimentally, which had many problems, including low productivity and changes in the quality of daily products). But now, all the previous problems of this technology has been improved by the use of the new production line. 

It is worth mentioning that the machinery above with the advanced technology and a new generation of sensors made in UK is designed and manufactured by Iranian engineers, for which there is no similar foreign product.


Some features of this set:

√ fully automatic loading of raw material, and detection of quality


√ Ability to select two formulas to mix materials by a central controller


√ Ability to select 99 color formulas and record the mixing ratios


√ Regular reporting on production process and the ability to connect with the computer


√ automatic scanning (25 scans per second) of the mixture, to detect the chemical reactions and determine the amount of raw materials


√ identifying the time of preparing the mixture, and giving an automatic command to exit valves


√ mixture is injected into the mold simultaneously by three pneumatic valves


√ automatic washing with the initial purification of output;

and so on.


For obtaining complete information on the production line and receiving film CD of production line technology of Cement
Plast, please complete the "Application Form of Cement Plast production line".



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